Yassamine Kellali

I have been working at the Commission of Regulation of electricity & gas (Ministry of Energy and Mines) since 2011 in charge of GHG inventory for electricity and gas sector. At university I studied industrial chemistry and I specialized in chemistry of environment. I have both a degree in environmental chemistry engineering, and a master’s degree in wastewater treatment processes and environmental protection.  I also recently took a very interesting training on GHG inventories by Greenhouses Gas Management Institute and UNFCCC, for wich I have been awarded an introductory Certificate for Cross-Cuting Issues and a certificate for Energy. I also participated in negotiations sessions organized by UNFCCC, as well as in Climate Dialogue 2020 (Nov. 23rd – Dec. 4th 2020). This event provided Parties to the UNFCCC and other stakeholders with a platform to showcase progress and achievements made on Climate change in 2020, especially under the challenging circumstances caused by COVID-19.