Valentine Chishala

Person is an astute Business Development Professional with hands on experience resource mobilization, Business start up basics etc. A graduate in Leadership Development at YALi, teaching young leaders in foundational leadership skills and advocacy. With a deploma in Business Development at UBC University. A volunteer for several NGOs e.g Young African Leadership Platform,Child Protection Consortium, Climate Change Advocates, YMCA, ZYP, YALi to mention but a few. I am is currently the Director Adminstration at 21st Century Leadership Consortium (Zambia), engaging national leaders on different issues effecting the nation. And also advocating climate change issues affecting the nation, especially looking at high levels of ignorance on climate change issues across the nation.

I am team leader with influence over hundreds of young and old community leaders across the nation. A Climate change advocate with knowledge acquired through the UNDP climate change adaptation program. Advocating for the implementation of climate change national policy.