Tracy Sonny

Tracy Sonny is an Environment and Social Expert with 12 years’ experience in the Energy, Gender and Climate Change sectors, and currently the National Coordinator of Botswana Climate Change Network. Ms. Sonny has previously held and continues to hold several elected positions representing Civil Society from the environment, energy and climate change sectors at the Africa regional level. Ms. Sonny is the current SADC coordinator of the Africa Coalition on Sustainable Energy and Access, the Treasure of the Continental Executive Board of the Pan Africa Climate Justice Alliance and Chair of The Finance and Administration Committee, and previously UNEP Regional Representative for Major Groups and Stakeholders (2013-3017). Ms.  Sonny also sits as the Board Member for the Africa Women Innovators for Environment (AWISE), a Wangari Maathai initiative that is coordinated by the African Union. She has regional and international experience in energy, environment and climate change policy review, UNFCCC negotiation processes, natural resource management, energy integration, socio-economic analysis, strategy development, project development and management, capacity building, public campaign and mobilization.