Richard Matey

Richard Matey is a young researcher, social entrepreneur, environmentalist and sustainable development professional with about 7 years’ experience in environment, renewable energy, market development, agriculture and climate change initiatives in Ghana. He has proven knowledge and skills in climate change, environmental solutions and biomass technologies with specialties in clean cookstoves and process characterization of energy use in small and medium scale agro-processing enterprises. Mr. Matey is currently pursuing an MPhil in Environment and Resource Management at the University of Business and Integrated Development Studies in Wa, Ghana. Richard holds a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Community Development from the University for Development Studies. He has a passion for developing and deploying innovative climate-smart solutions for energy, environmental and agricultural challenges with a focus on low- income households, small enterprises and communities in Ghana.

He is currently the executive coordinator of Alliance for Empowering Rural Communities and founder and director of Derich Energy Solutions Limited. He doubles as the African Regional Facilitator of the Children and Youth Major Group of UNEP and the national focal person of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) Ghana. He has served on a number of environmental committees at the national level and he is currently a member of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) National Designated Authority Technical Advisory Committee (NDA TAC) at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning responsible for providing technical support to the NDA on matters related to the GCF activities in Ghana.