Pauline Owiti

Pauline Owiti is a Professional agronomist and a community development agent. She has a strong background in Ocean Conservation and Climate advocacy at national and international levels. She worked as an event coordinator at Mock COP26(https// and currently serving as the National Coordinator of Kenya at United Nations Conference of Youth (https//, Kenya Coordinator at Extinction Rebellion and part of Kenya Youth Biodiversity Network.


With much interest in Ocean Conservation, Pauline has worked as a Project Lead for Kenya at Parvati Foundation an initiative aiming to declare Arctic Ocean a Marine Protected Area and now working in the same Foundation as research lead on Arctic Oil and Gas working group ( and most importantly an inaugural member of Sustainable Ocean Alliance Youth Policy Advisory Council as African Representative ( She has received training on climate matters from different institutions including Climate Reality Corps, Oxford Climate Society and Care About Climate. Her major goal is to create a sustainable healthy planet and a space where youth voices are considered into decision making practices as part of participation and democracy.