Mutisya Jackline Mutendwa

Mutisya Jackline Mutendwa is an upcoming Climate Change expert. She currently works on climate change issues in Mombasa county under the coastal and cities project (Miji bora) that is coordinated by Coastal and Marine Resource Development (COMRED). She has executed the Green House Gases and Climate Change and adaptation component of the project, particularly within the Road Transport Sector in Mombasa County. She led the inaugural multi-stakeholder dialogue on this issue and collected baseline information, literature review, and stakeholder networking. Recently she organized a Mombasa climate event in partnership with an innovation hub where COMRED sponsored two challenges within Mombasa to be solved through technological ideation. The climate on resulted in two solid solutions for monitoring GHG emissions in the transport sector and post-restoration monitoring progress with Natural Capital.

Jackline is a goal-oriented person who is keen to deliver over and beyond her given targets. She is quick in establishing rapport and following with through partnerships. In the process, she has had the opportunity to advance her communication skills and prepare awareness tools for different audiences. Currently, she is involved in the marine resource management project that aims to amplify the voices of just climate action through nurturing practical solutions to problems facing coastal, marine environments, and communities for sustainable development.

Jackline has worked for the Kenya Maritime Authority under department of maritime safety. She executed her work with zeal and close staff engagement in daily duties obtaining fruitful deliberation with colleagues. Among her roles at KMA included reviewing Environmental Impact Assessment documents. She has worked for Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute (KMFRI) on their carbon credits projects where she also did her Bachelors of Science in Marine Resource Management dissertation. She is a person of high integrity with strong leadership who aims at making positive impact in the community.