Maureen Kabasa

Ms. Kabasa is a Kenyan Environmental researcher/climate change activist aiming to contribute to social, economic, and environmental development. BSc. In Management of Agro-ecosystems and Environment and MSc. In Environmental Science (Applied Ecology). She has experience in field management in community-based forestry, biophysical dynamics of forest ecosystems, integrated pest management researches, and researches on invasive species. In addition to that, she has knowledge of mapping landscapes for prospective and retrospective change analysis. With the changing times and evolution of climate change, her goal is to learn more on matters surrounding the different contexts of climate change, its gendered nature and to become a thought leader in these matters and beyond. She appreciates the role that contemporary art can play in passing the climate change and overall ecosystem development message. Currently, through supporting the building of climate capacities of institutions that provide climate change education, training, and education (CapCET) project in the COMESA region at the African Center for Technology Studies (ACTS), Ms. Kabasa has recognized that climate leadership is not a one-man show but a team effort as well as a process of learning, relearning and unlearning a lot in the climate space.