Mariam Mgeni

Mariam Mgeni Mazera is a savvy Natural Resources Manager with hands – on experience in research in natural resources and environmental management, community engagement and advocacy pertaining to the conservation of Mangrove forests in the Coast of Kenya. She has a B.Sc. in Natural Resources Management and pursuing a Masters in Environmental Planning and Management, in Kenyatta University. A volunteer for Ceriops Research Organization, an NGO advocating for the conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems in the Coast of Kenya. She is currently a Land Reclamation Officer at the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in the Government of Kenya and is mainly involved in research on assessing degraded lands emanating from anthropogenic activities and Climate Change. Also, involved in projects that provide water to vulnerable communities in the ASALs with the aim of enabling micro-irrigation programs to combat food security.  Mariam is a Team Player, Strategic Thinker and a Thoughtful Civil Servant. She is a learner and an advocate for sustainable use of natural resources.