Karla Josefat Dos Ramos

Karla Josefat Séca Viegas dos Ramos, I’m 27 years old, an environmental engineer, graduated at Tamkang University in Taiwan, and has a master’s degree in environmental risk analysis for human health from the Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL) in Portugal.

Currently I am an interim intern at the Ministry of infrastructure, Natural resource. And Environment whose sponsor the General issues related with Environment Quality and Biodiversity, by now it’s been a year. My professional interest is to contribute to the resolution of environmental problems that contribute in a large scale to the disempowerment of the most vulnerable population.

I did choose to stay here even knowing that opportunities for young people are really scared but believing that all the small experiences one day it could contribute in a great way which can the environment sector and others around me.

After my return from college, I have participated for one year in the sea turtle conservation program in S.Tomé (Programa Tatô). Also, I also participate in a project funded by the African Union supported by the University of Coimbra, a project called Tesouros d’Obô, with the partnership of the National Forest Department. Additionally, I have been evolved as an environmental engineer at the national fuel company CEDEC (Gas Commercialization and Distribution) as a part-time; Here in Sao Tome we do make efforts to represent SIDS Youth AIMS Hub (SYAH) which is a youth-led non-governmental organization focused on advancing and implementing youth-led sustainable development in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) found in the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, and South China Sea (AIMS) region which a make part of it.

Constantly I aim to seek for more information and learning not only in my professional are, but also to expand my range of knowledge, pursuing new challenges and assuming various functions directly or indirectly, with active participation in youth and social work as some youth conferences for the environment, events, seminars outside and inside the country.