Juliet Oluoch

Passionate Environmental conservationist, climate change, and sustainable cities researcher with five years of industry experience.

Juliet is currently a junior researcher at The Africa Research and Impact Network where she assists in investigations on how to facilitate the incorporation of climate change and disaster risk reduction into African plans and policies. She has recently co-authored the inaugural Kenya Innovation Outlook Report. She is also a co-author of the Cities Climate Recovery research project aimed at investigating the development of climate action during recent years in an in-depth manner, within real-life contexts. The project is currently under publication. She also supports in writing of technical reports and conducting research interviews. She leads the ARIN fellowship program which has over 200 researchers across Africa who have been undertaking research in various fields to leverage knowledge in research excellence. She is tasked to coordinate peer learning among the researchers, organize workshops, and writing of joint proposals. Juliet is also a member of the C40 Cities where she is among the 14 youth representatives selected globally, Juliet has demonstrated a clear record of climate leadership while at C40 Cities. She co-authored the C40 cities youth playbook and a blog post with the c40 cities executive director. She was a panel speaker in a high-level panel discussion held in London during the International Air Quality Summit 2022, recorded a video with the Mayor of Freetown on how climate financing can help safeguard cities (featured by Brut media and c40 cities), contributed to the c40 cities letter to nature campaign. She has led and moderated several virtual webinars organized by the c40 cities. Locally, Juliet serves as the Deputy National Coordinator of the African Youths Initiative on Climate Change. She coordinates all AYICC Kenya activities across the forty-seven counties.

She is in charge of drawing and developing project proposals on behalf of AYICC Kenya- under her tenure, AYICC Kenya has been able to secure two funding opportunities. She has led AYICC Kenya in organizing Local Conferences of youth with the most recent one being in 2020; she mobilized different stakeholders, among them youth, women and girls, people with disability, charitable organizations, and business partners from both the public and private sector. She thereafter developed a position paper that was presented under the official children and youth constituency- YOUNCO.

Links and publications:

Blog post with C40 Cities executive director- https://www.euractiv.com/authors/juliet-oluoch/

ICLEI World Congress Speaker 2022- https://worldcongress.iclei.org/speaker/juliet-oluoch-deputy-national-coordinator-african-youths-initiative-on-climate-change-kenyan-chapter-kenya/

Climate Financing in safeguarding cities 2021 – https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=292376122765757&ref=sharing

International Air Quality and Climate Solutions Summit 2022- https://www.c40.org/news/global-cities-london-tackle-threat-congestion-pollution-climate-emergency/

Letter to Nature Campaign by C40 Cities- https://c40cities.medium.com/a-letter-to-nature-by-juliet-oluoch-6ce09cde28de

C40 Cities Youth Play Book- https://www.c40.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/C40_GYMF_Report4.pdf

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