Jeancy Kangunza

Jeancy kangunza, commonly called john an environmentalist by training and environment, climate and biodiversity activist from DRC, Nevertheless, jeancy kangunza knows without a doubt that he wants to devote his life in working on the search for effective solutions to global environmental problems such as biodiversity loss, climate change and gender disparity and mostly to help young people to familiarize themselves with aspects of environments for a sustainable development through Youth-led Activities All of that is the reason for continuing his university studies in environmental sciences in the field of biodiversity, nature conservation and he started his journey with environmental Activism with Greenpeace DRC like volunteer, now being youth ambassador with earth day network in DRC, MOCK COP26 delegate from DRC and also provincial deputy coordinator Congolese youth biodiversity network, member in YOUNGO in NDCs work group, DRC country coordinator with climate science community and DRC focal point with climate science Olympiad 2022 and member in numerous international and national organizations of youth for environment. Also he is working tirelessly with national youth council and environment ministries, Briefly he would like to be change maker in his community in bringing and empowering all of young people including girls into environmental literacy and education.