Host Siamatendu

Host Siamatendu works for Kafubu Water and Sanitation Company Limited in Zambia. He has over 20 years experience working in the water sector with pragmatic experience in water quality management and monitoring, waste water treatment and water production. He has also collaborated with other diverse actors from public and private sector as well as civil society in the area of water and environmental protection. He participated in the African Water Stewardship Initiative (AWSI) whose focus was, facilitating water security, responsible resource use in the private sector to support climate resilient growth. During this programme he gained practical experience through information exchange with other participants from Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa covering different thematic areas in area of water and environmental security. He holds a Bachelor of law Degree from Zambian Open University, Diploma in Peace Building and Conflict Transformation from Mindolo Ecumenical Foundation. Pan-African Centre for study, Reflection and Worship. He also holds certificates in Waste water management, Urban Restructuring and Water supply from the Copperbelt University.