Ester Araujo De Brito

Ester Araújo de Brito is currently the Advisor with Minister of Agriculture and Environment for environment, meteorology and water, and the Cabo Verde focal point with the green climate fund. She is a Msc Degree in Meteorology and in Climate and Atmospheric Environment, and a post-graduated in Environmental law. She participated in various regional workshops on Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies and has some participation in CoPs. While president of the National Institute of Meteorology and Geophisycs, she coordinated the project for the preparation of National Action Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change (NAPA) in Cape Verde, the Second and Third National Communication of Cape Verde on Climate Change. She is the co-author of several Climate Analysis and Studies in Cape Verde. As meteorologist, she has good knowledge on climate and weather prediction. Before being President of the Institute, she was responsible for the Technical Planning and Training Division and participated in the drafting and implementation of the project the National Observation Network for the Cape Verde airports.

She is currently part of the team working on the strategy for accessing and mobilizing climate finance and the implementation of NDC in ECOWAS Countries.