Emmanuel Mwenje

Mr. Emmanuel Mwenje is a progressive Urban Planner and Resilience Expert with 10 years of experience. at the University of Nairobi Enterprises Ltd He has in-depth knowledge in Urban Planning, Policy Analysis, Human Settlements Planning, Urban Governance, Mixed Methods Research, Human settlements Planning, Urban Governance, Resettlement Action Planning, Environmental Planning & Management, and modern practices like Spatial Resilience, Smart & Eco-cities.  He is a team player, a good communicator who blends well with stakeholders. He has worked for the public, private firms and UN-HABITAT in Kenya. He aspires to be a distinguished authority in Resilient Urbanism in Africa and beyond

He holds an MSc in Urban Management and Development (Specialization: Urban Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change), from Erasmus University Rotterdam; an MSc in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (for Urban Planning and Management) from ITC, University of Twente, and a Bachelors in Urban & Regional Planning, from the University of Nairobi.