David Wanga

David Wanga has over 10 years of International Trade Facilitation and Development experience in Implementation of COMESA/EAC Simplified Trade Regime for Small and Medium size Enterprise (SME) in Eastern Africa. Data collection on Common commodities traded volumes and values in USD, Public-Private Dialogue; Market Access; Cross Border Traders’ representation; Guide Traders on Customs, Trade and Border Procedures and in filling out relevant forms and filing of the required documents to border agencies; Forming and Structuring Cross Border Trade Associations including women; Sustainable Development Goal Advocacy, conflict resolutions and as well as lobbying and advocating for Non-Tariff Barriers to trade and issuing of East African Community simplified certificate of Origin using Simplified Trade Regime (STR) tool. Participated in key initiatives for Public-Private Sector Partnerships and Strategic Frameworks Development. Kindly get more Info on my LinkedIn page linkedin.com/in/tradeinfodesk2010