Cathbert Tomitho

I started working with Land Rights Research and Resources Institute (LARRRI/HAKIARDHI) as a volunteer in 2008, later on I was promoted as Assistant Programme Officer, also promoted as Programme Officer to Senior Programme Officer. On 2017 I applied for the position of Executive Director and officially recruited for the position in 2018. I am a graduate of the University of Dar Es Salaam holding Bachelor degree on Political Science and Sociology in 2008. I am also a graduate of Ardhi University holding Masters in Science on Public Policy Analysis and Programme Management in 2016.  Since joining the organization I have been working with small-scale producers to address land rights related problems including difficulties in accessing land, land conflicts, land grabbing, violation of women’s land rights, and environmental challenges among others. Working with communities has become an interested part of my life. Seeing community members understand and practice their land rights by holding to account duty bearers has been something which I enjoyed very much. In recent years there has been challenges forced by climate change in both urban and peri-urban areas. It has affected food availability, health of both human beings, animals and plants. Unfortunately, majority of the community members both Farmers and Pastoralists and other groups such as marginalized ones like women do not have a thoroughly understanding on possible policies and practices mechanisms to address climate change effects.