Busingye Nurudin

I am a youth, climate change and environmental data manager, I have more than 7 years’ experience working in the development sector. My local and theoretical understanding of the strong link between climate change information, impact and adaptation had given me the courage to act as climate change impact leader in Uganda. In my recent work experience, I provided a technical support and guidance to ministry of water, UN bodies, youth organization for the Development National plan 3 SDGs and, National Coordination Mechanism for Youth Programmes, The Uganda National Climate bill document – 2021. I am now coordinator of Uganda Youth Climate Change Council providing a technical support to the Kampala Capital City Authority and the other 7 newly created cities under OUR CITY 2030.  I am the Team Leader for Smart Youth Network Initiative, is a youth led network/ organization aiming to support community transformation through Skills Development, Smart Climate Actions and Digitization Rights. The Network has led a number of Skills and Capacity building programs to digitize small business owners and smart climate change action campaigns where we mobilize over 100,000 young people on the streets of Kampala to strike for Environmental Justice, we have led young people in 4 regions to participate in policy formation trainings in town halls. website address  http://smartyouthnetwork.org/ https://www.merchandiseuganda.com/