Billy Mukwikwi

I have worked on a full-time, temporary and consultancy basis in the development sector with International and local NGOs and directly reporting to the Country Director, Operations and Program Support Manager and Head of Programs. My core responsibility in summary is to ensure effective and efficient delivery of the Strategic Plan while ensuring the long term viability and financial sustainability of the organization, quality program and deepening impact. I have also worked in youth and gender programming for over 6 years. Academically, I possess Bachelor of Science degree in Community Development, a Masters of Arts in Community Development (Pending for graduation), Diploma in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management and Certificate in Forestry. Worked with the Government of Malawi within the sector of Environment for 10 years and joined the International Non-Governmental Organization (Plan International Malawi) for 16 years where extensive experience is acquired. Aspiring to be a member of the permanent committee of GGWI.