Billy Michel Migambi

Billy Michel Migambi is employed as a District Environment Officer at Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA)responsible for day to day follow up the implementation works for Nyandungu wetland rehabilitation and its transformation into an ecotourism park. Further, he is a reviewer for different consultancy studies conducted by REMA and have actively participated in data collection of all illegal activities that were relocated from Kigali wetlands. He also supports the implementation of Sustainable Urban Wetland within City of Kigali, one of the project under a signed cooperation between Rwanda Ministry of Environment and

Italian Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea that have a mandate to support the country in adaptation and mitigation to the adverse effects of Climate change.

Prior to joining REMA,he was a field officer at Givedirectly a nonprofit organization operating in East Africa that helps families living in extreme poverty by making unconditional cash transfers to them via mobile phone. Before that, he was student at the University of Rwanda in Soil and Environment Management and currently, in his final year of master of science in Environment Studies with major in Environment Economics and Natural Resources Management at University of Lay Adventists of Kigali. He is very open to new ideas that makes the world a better place and with a clean and healthier environment.