Aleatanu Noela

Aleatanu Noela is a Advocate, actively involved in the protection of Children and Women and with hands on  experience on working with young people, in Advocacy, community sensitizations and engagements . She has an LLB in English Law and is currently taking a professional Masters in Human Rights and Development, in the University of Buea, Cameroon. As a serial volunteer for several NGOs, she’s passionate about Women and Children protection and also does Reports on activities pertaining to Environmental sustainability and the SDGs . Aleatanu Noela a member of the AU-UNICEF Youth Reference Group where she actively takes part in youth engagements towards building a better Africa. She is an Advocate with a heart for Young people and her Environment. In her Country Cameroon, she volunteers with the Lesley Foundation, where she actively engaged with her community in being part of the solution to Environmental problems