Abigael Jerop Kiprono

Abigael Kiprono Kima is a passionate environmentalist who is focused on making a positive change towards creating a sustainable world for all. Abigael completed her Bachelor`s Degree in Environmental Science (Resource Conservation) where she awaits her graduation in December 2020 from Kenyatta University in Kenya. She is currently a Program Intern at Power Shift Africa as well as the Africa Youth Lead for Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) under Parvati Foundation which is a campaign that advocates for the protection of the Arctic Sea Ice. She coordinates all the MAPS Chapters in Africa.

Abigael’s love for social justice led her to Kenyatta University where her passion for climate justice began. She joined one of the Environmental Clubs on campus where she developed her climate leadership skills and in no time was appointed the Chairperson solely because of her commitment and dedication. Through her exemplary leadership, she was awarded the Erasmus Credit Mobility Scholarship to Hungary to pursue Environmental Engineering at Szent Istvan University She is a key environmental educator and her passion for teaching and imparting knowledge to the children is evident. Through G.G.I she has reached out to over 20,000 children from various schools and planted over 30,000 tree seedlings. She is passionate about youth mentorship thus she uses the opportunity to educate high school students on important life skills by simply telling her story.

Abigael was nominated for the Eco-Hero Award (EHA) because of her glowing remarks from our members and supporters across the globe alongside a successful hosting of collaborative events supporting MAPS. The EHA selection committee ratified and confirmed her nomination as the first female EHA winner in history for February 2019. Abigael’s enthusiasm and commitment have inspired fellow Kenyans and members of the Team 54 Project International across the globe. She is currently interning at Power Shift Africa; a new think tank providing cutting-edge analysis, solution-focused policy and up-to-the-minute media engagement from an African perspective, both within the continent and internationally Apart from environmental conservation, Abigael is passionate about music and dance. She co-founded a Christian-based band called Jubal Band And has played a huge role in transforming the lives of the youth in her home town Iten. The youth around them learn that it is possible to balance passion, talent and professional work towards positive change.