I’m Khouloud HAMROUNI. I’m a Tunisian Youth. I’m 23 years old. I graduated in Management and Valorization of Bioresources from the Higher Institute of Applied Biological Sciences of Tunis. Currently, I’m a master degree student in Eco-labelling and Environmental Support for Companies (Quality, Hygiene, Security, and Environment). I’m an environmental and climate activist with the local association “Tounes Clean Up” and a Co-founder of the collective “Soli&green” that works on reforestation and raising awareness of environmental activities with children in schools which I’m really passionate about.  Working with children on some of the most important topics like environment and climate change, make them appreciate nature and teach them how to defend their rights of clean environment as future citizens). As well, I’m a volunteer French instructor with Caritas Tunisia.

Besides, I was a UNICEF Youth Delegate in the MENA Climate Week where I presented the UNICEF/UNDP  Youth Climate Activist Toolkit and I shared my experience as a young activist.

I aspire to be an expert in Climate Change and a brilliant Climate negotiator and be a part of the climate change policy first as a young person, second as a woman, third as an African and finally as a part of the Arab region.