Mrs. Marie Dalie Dukuze

Mrs. Marie Dalie DUKUZE holds a master’s degree in environmental economics and natural resource management and a bachelor’s degree in soil and environmental management.  Dalie has held various technical positions in the field of environment and climate change since 2014. She is currently the Climate Finance Specialist in Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), where she is mainly in charge of mobilizing resources which are very crucial in addressing climate change for the significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and for the adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change.  Prior to this position, she worked for 2 years as Green Economy Specialist in Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA) where she was in charge of promoting low carbon initiatives. She worked as well for four years as a coordinator of sustainable and green agriculture activities in the NGO-One Acre Fund. In addition, as Climate Finance Specialist, she is also the alternative national focal point for the Green Climate Fund in Rwanda. She is a motivated environmental practitioner, determined to contribute to sustainable development by promoting low carbon initiatives and adaptation to climate change as a global challenge.