Juma Mahupa Dalu

Juma Mahupa Dalu is a Sub county Forester at the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Management – Kwale County Government. Prior to joining the County Government, he served as a Field Practical Demonstrator at the Kenya Forestry College-Londiani. Juma holds Diploma in Forestry from the Kenya Forestry College – Londiani, a Certificate in Forestry from Kenya Forestry College – Londiani, the only college that offers basic forestry education in Kenya and Eastern Africa.

Juma also serves as the Project Coordinator for Major Projects in the Forestry Section under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Management, he plans and coordinate activities of climate change such as community sensitization meetings within the county, tree planting for public places, on farm forestry activities and funder of the Kwale County Schools Greening Competition. He also coordinates Energy Saving Jikos Project, planning for community group trainings on Installation, usage and importance.