Iman Bashir

Iman Bashir is an Environmental Lawyer based in Nairobi who hails from North Eastern Kenya – a region that has been notoriously marginalized by various groups in power. To advocate for her community, especially in the current climate crisis, Iman pursued two degrees simultaneously – one in Law and one in Environmental Science. These two fields allow her to speak for her community in dialogues where they are usually not involved. She recently wrapped up a fulfilling legal internship with the UN where she learnt about the legal procedures forming international law surrounding sustainability and accessibility. She is currently working with Power Shift Africa – a think tank based in Nairobi – whose main purpose is to amplify the voices of the marginalized sections of the community. Her work with the organization allows her to actively place the African voice in a more vocal position and to actively influence international environmental policy. She also works closely with a social justice bureau called Crevit Mulier, where she writes articles around important social justice issues. She has recently written a piece in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth on the intersectionality that women in the third world face in the current climate crisis. She discusses novel ideas such as the establishment of an Eco-Hub that equips African women with tools to generate green income to empower themselves, all while actively combatting climate change.

In her free time, she volunteers with Greenpeace Africa to continue raising awareness around climate action. As volunteer team leader for lobbying and politics, she has led community outreach programmes that sought to bring information closer to the people. This was particularly significant during the Lamu Coal Power Plant case whereby Greenpeace Africa worked in conjunction with the deCOALonize movement, to bring climate information to the grassroots communities about their rights.