Dr. Christian Tiambo

Dr. Christian Keambou Tiambo is staff of the Centre for Tropical Livestock Genetics and Health (CTLGH) at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI-Nairobi, Kenya)  where he supports the (1) Development of national poultry Biobanking and precision breeding in Africa, (2) Implementation of Access and Benefits Sharing (ABS) and related obligations under the Nagoya Protocol for Animal Genetic Resources, (3) Exploration of adaptive genes as candidates for genome editing in poultry and cattle and following establishment of systems for maintenance of tasks 1 and 2. Prior to joining CTLGH ILRI, Christian was supporting Livestock research and capacity building for scientists in National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) and contributing to resource mobilization efforts at the BecA-ILRI Hub. He was also coordinating research community of practices (CoPs) established under the Africa Bioscience Challenge Fund (ABCF) program by strengthening the capacity to use existing and develop novel methodologies for genetic characterization, managing the CoP engagements and research activities.

Dr Keambou Tiambo holds a BSc and MSc in Eco-parasitology (parasitic zoonosis) and an MSc and a PhD in Animal Breeding and Genetics Improvement. He was senior University Lecturer, Coordinator of Animal Science programme, and Head of Department of Animal science at the University of Buea, and Focal Person for the USAID One Health Work Force/OHCEA Project in Cameroon, and Lecturer and external examiner at the Pan African University Institute of Science Technology and Innovation (PAUISTI/JKUAT, Kenya). Christian is member of the Animal Genetic Resources Taxonomy Advisory Group for the African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources (AnGR-TAG/AU-IBAR), expert consultant for Animal Genetic Resources Management, Breeding and Policies at the Engineering Bureau for Animal Health and Production (BISPA), Member of Animal Genetic Resources Taxonomy Advisory Group for Africa, AnGR-TAG/African Union –IBAR, Member of the AU-IBAR African Technology and innovations incubators advisory committee (ATIIAC), Member of the Research technical working Group of the AFROHUN One Health Workforce Academy (AOHWA), Member of the African Animal Breeding Academy. He holds a certificate of Biosafety and GMO Detection from the Agricultural Genetic Engineering Research Institute (AGERI) of the Arab Republic of Egypt, a certificate on Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standard (LEGS) from the Feinstein International Center and the Tufts University.