Abdullah Karim

Abdullah Karim is an Agricultural Economist and a researcher with the Department of Food Security and Climate Change at the University for Development Studies, Ghana. Hitherto he worked as a Research Associate (Mitigation, LEDS & NDCs) with the African Group of Negotiators Experts Support (AGNES). Karim holds an MPhil degree in Agricultural economics and BSc degree in Agribusiness (Climate Change and Food Security option) all from the University for Development Studies, Ghana. As an early career researcher, he has worked on a number of projects at the National, Regional and Continental levels and was part of the team that develop the agricultural sector component of Ghana’s Nationally Determined Contribution. He is also a member of Ghana’s Technical Working Group (TWG) on climate change and gender. His area of research is food security, climate change vulnerability adaptation & mitigation, rural livelihoods and sustainable agricultural production systems.