Olive works at REMA as Environment and Climate Change Education Officer for Poverty Environment Action for SDGs Project.

He is working with Rwanda Environment Management Authority since 2011 as the Environment & Climate Change Education Officer.

Omar is a graduate of BSC. Environmental science, from Islamic university in Uganda. Currently working at Mombasa County Government.

He is the Environment and Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Specialist at Rwanda Environment Management Authority.

Theophile Dusengimana is employed as an Environment and Climate Change Policy Specialist at the Ministry of Environment (MoE), Rwanda.

Alex is REMA’s Single Projects Implementation Unit (SPIU) Coordinator since September 2020. He previously worked with Government of Rwanda.

A Climate Data and Chemical Management Information System Officer at Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA).

Billy Michel Migambi is employed as a District Environment Officer at Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA).

Mr. Ibila is a Beninese Negotiator on Climate Change, with an Advanced Vocational Studies Diploma (DEPA) in Environmental Management.

Benefique is employed as an Environmental Research and Development Officer at the Rwanda Environment Management Authority.