Dr. George Wamukoya

RoyRita Nabasumba

RoyRita Nabasumba is a research assistant at STEPUP Standard Limited. She does online search for relevant literature and extracting relevant information into a data base, mentors younger interns and facilitates stakeholder workshops. Currently, she is actively participating in research that will inform Uganda’s policy direction and strategies pertaining to environmental conservation and climate change under the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) project and previously was part Of the team that did a study on food security and environment management tradeoffs in East Africa, for the Agriculture for Food Security Programme (AgriFoSe2030). She is also an experienced and professional finance officer of about 3 years, who always questioned the occurrence of environmental catastrophes and how they could be combatted as she balanced cash books and handled transactions, and now is passionately pursuing environment and climate action professionally; could say “a good girl gone better.”
Outside of work, she is a fervent reader, an unpublished novelist, chess lover and ardent singer, couldn’t have it any other way!