Dr. George Wamukoya

Khaduyu Michael Nyongesa

Michael is a commerce graduate with seven years’ experience in climate change engagement and five years following the climate negotiations process starting with COP21 in Paris. Programmatically I have implemented projects funded by the UKAID and Sida, that sought to unite the organizations working on climate change response, environment restoration and blue economy as the National Coordinator of Kenya Platform for Climate Governance (KPCG). Currently together with my colleagues at Young Women Christian Association (YWCA-K) Kenya we are implementing the “Integrated Approach to Reduce inequalities for an Inclusive Climate Resilient Society in Kenya” program that seeks to ensure that Youth are engaged in policy advocacy and decision making, they are agents of change in the local communities and to enable them have coping mechanisms to address individual and societal challenges within their urban slums in the three cities of Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi.
At the international negotiations I have been following the process on capacity development, intergenerational equity dialogue and gender with a bias for increasing youth involvement in the whole process of negotiations, however my area of interest has and still is climate finance, the funding mechanism and opportunities for common but differentiated responsibilities as anchored to the historical injustice debate. The intention is to become a key Climate Finance and business negotiator.