Dr. George Wamukoya

Dr. Dorothy A. Amwata

Dorothy has eighteen (18) years work experience in Rangeland, Natural Resources and Environmental Management, Agriculture and Food Security, (including gender dimension. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy and a Master of Science Degree in Range Management (Resource economics and Ecology option). She is a Senior Lecturer, School of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences and Coordinator of Career and Mentorship Services at South Eastern Kenya University, Kenya. She is an Associate at the Institute of Climate Change Adaptation, University of Nairobi and African Group of Negotiators Experts Support (AGNES); and an Adjunct Faculty Member, Murang’a University of Technology. Her focal areas include: dryland resource management, ecosystem assessments and dynamics; monitoring and evaluation, climate change adaptation and mitigation, agriculture and food security; and sustainable livelihoods.
Dr. Amwata has supported national, regional and global programmes including: resilience context analysis for Kenya; Development of Kenya climate smart agriculture profile. Evaluation of climate smart agriculture technologies and practices in Africa, Review of climate change, agriculture and food security policies and strategies in Eastern Africa, Evaluation of the climate advisories in Africa, Screening of climate smart agriculture in selected African countries; Review of agriculture, environment and water programmes in Kenya and Total economic valuation of pastoralism in Kenya and Uganda.
Prior to joining SEKU, She was a Research for Development Officer at Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel Tunisia where she worked with 23 African countries to bridge the gap in research, policy while creating synergy on the Multilateral Environmental Agreements and integrating them into national, regional and international frameworks. Lastly, she also worked with Kenya Wildlife Service as a Research Scientist, Species Programme.