Dr. George Wamukoya

Cromwel Lukorito

Cromwel works for the University of Nairobi as a Lecturer and Researcher specialized as an Agricultural Meteorologist with relevant training in: Meteorology, Agrometeorology, and Climate Change. He has taught and conducted Academic and Applied research for over twenty eight years, from which broad experience has been gained working with institutions including: University of Nairobi; Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis; UNDP/GEF funded climate change projects; World Bank funded climate change projects, CCAFS; WWF; ICPAC; UNECA; RMSI; AGNES, and lately with the MCK-FAO funded climate change project among others. He has demonstrated skills in the development and delivery of curriculum on climate change science and applications; development and field-testing of data collection tools, analysis and reporting; climate change vulnerability assessment, climate risk management; agrometeorological products development, Climate change based agro-advisories and dissemination tools development. In line of duty, he embraces confidentially of information, applies motivating and interpersonal communication skills and works as a team.